Day Before Our Roadtrip: Avis Drops The Ball

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Ugh! Just found out that Avis cancelled our Chevy Suburban rental for our #MadeInAmerica roadtrip!

What? Didn’t you have a confirmed rental? Yes. Doesn’t the Expedia website show that the rental is good to go and ready for pickup? Yes.

But all that doesn’t do much good to the folks at Expedia who say that ultimately, it’s up to Avis to honor rental agreements. Or the folks at the Providence RI Avis rental office who say they won’t honor the rental agreement because of a computer glitch. And also ask that you please not raise your voice when speaking with them.

And the fine folks at Avis executive offices customer service? They said they’re all very sorry, too. But did I see the note in the rental agreement that mentioned they could cancel the rental at any time and without any notice? I guess I missed that line. My bad.

For years, the Avis trademarked tagline has been “We Try Harder”. This afternoon, I’m realizing how much I dislike that tagline and specifically the word ‘try’.

I’m about to see the best of the United States – the people and companies that have overcome all sorts of adversity and relentless competitive forces. I can’t imagine these business owners and their employees telling me that they’re ‘trying’. These are small to medium-sized businesses, their workers and their families that put everything on the line to protect their market, their trade, their livelihood. You don’t hear ‘trying’ from those who must outperform and earn every order that comes their way.

Avis should listen to Yoda (from Star Wars). He got it right when he said: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

So, for our Road Trip at least, there is no Avis.

I’m off to find new transportation for our 11-day adventure. Our entire trip has been scheduled and confirmed down to the minute which means we can’t be late by even an hour. I have a whole two hours before our trip officially starts, so I have that going for me.

Thank you, Avis! Good luck with all that trying…

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