Countdown for the #MadeInAmerica Roadtrip

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Well, it’s come down to this: Thursday, Marj and I get into a Chevy Suburban and take off to see America’s factories at work during a 11-day Road Trip.

We want to see the factories, and the people behind them, that still provide 'Made In America' promotional products and award items. These are folks who have learned their trade, and learned how to survive, when most of their industry has been shipped off to other countries.

We’ll start here in RI with a visit to Garland Industries, which makes high-quality writing instruments. Then we’ll hit the road and make stops in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, then loop back to New York and Rhode Island (home sweet home). We’ll visit seven factories in all.

Why are we doing this?

We’d like to learn the stories behind the American-made products we sell. To me, this means learning how the products are made, how these companies got their start, learn about the people and the families that keep these businesses running, and the strategies that have let them survive and prosper in this crazy economy of ours.

Also, we’d like to see the communities where these factories make their home. And, heck, as we travel from town to town, we’d like to see what America looks like today.

It’s an 11-day Road Trip, and a very big road map, so each visit will be brief, unfortunately. But I hope we can weave together a picture of what our Made In America factories look like. And to help tell the story of the people who, by their craft and creativity, make them work.

But for now, I mostly hope for good weather and safe travels.

Stay tuned!

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